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How To Become Pro in Typing

Do you see people type so fast without even looking at the keyboard, and wonder how in the world they do that? It's called, touch typing.
I'll begin by saying this, email communication for instance, is a skill. Being able to communicate well on email, will determine how well you will collaborate, build rapport, trust, and is thus very important. Touch typing skills will greatly aid you in this.
We are also always taking notes - especially in meetings, which can sometimes be daunting; because you're trying to keep up with what's being said, and you don't want to leave out important points. Touch typing will make this much easier for you. What's more, you won't have waste more time converting your notes for sharing. Just a bit of editing and you're good to go.
In today's world, most people's work involve typing. Imagine you have a long report to write, a school project perhaps? Touch typing means that you are more efficient, faster and less fatig…