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Are You Twitter Savvy?

A couple of things puzzle my wife. Twitter is one of them. Also is my fascination with the show, 'How it's Made' - I have been unsuccessful trying to get her on board. Okay, I'm not trying to get carried away here. But back onto Twitter, many people seem to have a problem understanding how it works.

Few years ago, we had only one source of 'Breaking News' - the media houses. That was of course before Facebook and Twitter. Today if something major has just happened, you don't need to hear it on radio or watch it on TV. More often than not you'll know about it, even before it gets to the media house. That is the power of social media.

When you hear the phrase Social Media, what comes to mind is probably first Facebook, then Twitter. Others are Instagram, Linkedin, Google plus, Pinterest and others. Everyone knows Facebook, from school kids, to the older, from the learned to the unlearned.

Pardon me for I got a bit carried away. The purpose of the post w…

Me and My Habits

It's 5AM! My alarm goes off and I'm jerked out of my dream. Before I tell you what happens next, let me ask you a question; are you a morning or a night  person? We've been all too familiar with this theory for a long time. And people easily place themselves, 'oh I'm a night person, oh I'm a morning person. My energy levels are up in the morning' and that's how the notion goes. But is there any such thing? We will find out.
A while ago, I would have quickly answered you, 'Oh I'm so nocturnal'. I could stay up all night, literally. And I have! Going to bed at 1AM was very normal. Occasionally 3AM. Now when it came to the morning, I would be in my worst shape. Getting out of bed became my biggest battles. Does that sound familiar? But I've got to tell you, that has changed. So what happened? I'll tell you in a bit.
Let me give you a brief overview of my life - simply because I don't mind as long as you care to listen; e…

Why Do We Brag - Part II

In part one of this post, I started on a thorny topic of bragging. You can read it here: I want to revisit the same topic on a lighter note, with a story, actually a true one. It is about my village pal, who had mastered the art of bragging while appearing extremely modest at the same time.
My pal, we'll call him MK, just had a way of capturing your attention. He was not - well is not, the kind of guy who is loud and speaking non-stop. On the contrary he actually is a very calm cool and collected type of a guy. But he could capture your attention for an entire evening. Now, mostly MK's stories were around the high school escapades - they were lots of them. Movie like.
I don't know if it's just me or high schools are one of the most interesting communities; very rich and dynamic. It has to be due to the young energy of course. One thing that stood out in my school life is what seemed to me like pecking orders…

Why Do We Brag?

We are in a group - actually in a church, engaging in something. A 5 year old little one - that I like, full of energy - as you would expect, comes almost tumbling to knock things off. I'm looking at him holding my breath but thankfully everything is in place when he finally settles. Before I could take my eyes off him, he looks at me, raises his wrist towards up to me, flashing his bright lime-green watch, like to say, 'hey, notice my new watch?'. Well, for starters, it never bothers him that his energy was about to disrupt everything the adults were doing. Not one bit. Part of me is itching to say, 'is it possible that you can try and stay put, buddy? Or keep off this area?'. Needless to say that would be futile. So I have to look at the watch with surprise. I have to ‘recognize', just as he wants me to.
He has a nice watch, and he wants to show it off. Because that's what 5 year olds do. However, it would be a bit strange if a full grown man does someth…